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Nageen Abbas Archive

Summer Trends

Snip off the long Shirts! Short Shirts are Back in Style for Summer Trends 2024!

Summer style statement has us desi girlies on our toes, wondering what to buy since now both Eids fall in […]

gift guide

Eid Gift Guide 2024: The Best Gifts to Win Over Any Pakistani Family!

Are you planning on visiting your Pakistani friends and families this Eid al Adha? Let us tell you a little […]

makeup trends

Busting unrealistic beauty standards! 5 Makeup trends that will prevail in 2024!

One thing millennial and Gen Z should be proud of is calling out unrealistic beauty standards! If you still get […]


From Basic to Beyonce: The Must-Have Earrings That Can Transform Your Look!

A woman is known for the jewelry she wears. While some prefer a subtle addition of some bling for an […]

nail trends

The Nail Trends of 2024 You Cannot Miss!

What’s New in Nail fashion this year? Don’t miss out on these nail trends that will make your look pop […]