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From Basic to Beyonce: The Must-Have Earrings That Can Transform Your Look!


A woman is known for the jewelry she wears. While some prefer a subtle addition of some bling for an everyday look, I believe that jewelry like earrings shouldn’t be mundane, as it loses its charm! A signature element of jewelry worn once in a while is better since it gives people something to talk about for a long time! I believe in having iconic pieces of jewelry so that every time the topic comes up, the conversation should sound like, “Oh, remember what she wore?”

Every woman knows her personal style statement. While some know they are earring girlies, others know their bracelets complete their outfit! So find that statement piece of jewelry that gives your personality the oomph you deserve and makes you feel complete and confident! Other than that, you must have the staple accessories in your wardrobe:


Pakistani fashion is incomplete without complementary accessories. Whether you’re wearing an everyday Pakistani dress, a fusion Western outfit, or glitzy, glam formal wedding wear, you need some essentials in your jewelry box.

Signature Earrings:

Signature Earrings

Let’s get one thing straight: we are not talking about those usual earrings; we are talking big and bold! One of the most iconic earrings we have come across that essentially captures the essence of our Pakistani culture and rich heritage is Pierre Gemme by Hurr! This women-led brand has our hearts with iconic pieces inspired by the women of our history! They have a wide array of earrings, necklaces, rings, and hair accessories! Adding just the right amount of sassy touch to our traditional-styled jewelry is an art! Their Mughal art-inspired earrings like “Rani Roopmati,” “Umra o Jaan,” and “Ummul Kuthum” are a vibe in themselves!

These pieces are sure to make some heads turn! Their signature solid fusion pieces that can take any outfit from basic to Beyonce are Muse, Chuli, Two Faced, Shandur, Sisterhood, Ra, Quwa, Ocean Eyes, and the signature chaand baali is a vision! Their latest collection, “Goya,” has won the hearts of Pakistani women this season, with big names like Naimal Khawar rocking those stylish jewelry pieces! Goya brings fierce and bold designs for confident, fearless women like Fanaa, Rashk e Qamar, Takhayyul, and Tishnagi! So, if you want some earrings you will cherish forever, then Pierre Gemme by Hurr is an obvious choice!

Hooked to Hoops:


Hoops are quintessential accessories that every girl should have, and you can pull off a hooped look any day and look effortlessly chic! So, here’s the deal: if your outfit looks kind of “meh” and not as lit as you imagined it to be in your head, it’s missing a pair of earrings, and you can never go wrong with hoops! Hoops are a hit with your winter cardigans and cute summer-spring breezy prints! Silver and Golden are both colors that are essential for girls! Go for the bold “bigger than your plans” hoops and the dainty little ones in single-tier and double-tiered ones for that extra bling!

The Pearl Sophistication:


A woman of elegance and refined taste must have pearls! Pearls add that hint of sophistication that exudes a classy and glamorous look! Pearl is that timeless piece that you must invest in! There are different options available when it comes to pearls! Imagine yourself in a sleek bun with gorgeous pearl studs; woah! So let’s get into it. You can get yourself some pearl studs and a classic charm. The pearl drop earrings for a more dressed-up look, Pearl hoops for a dazzling vibe, and pear crawlers for that perfect balance of elegance and chic! The pearls are a subtle way of celebrating your feminine beauty! Look for different colors and sizes, but get yourself the pearls you’ll cherish for a long time!

The Charm of Desi Jhumkas:

Desi Jhumkas

Are you even a Desi girl if you don’t own that pair of Juhmkas that can transform your personality into a Bollywood diva within seconds? The iridescent radiance and charm of jhumka are just inevitable! Whether you are going for that little polki jhumka or the elaborate ones that seem like they would weigh your ears down, Jhumkas can elevate every Pakistani fashion look and put you in the spotlight! One can’t get enough of certain elements of Pakistani fashion! A beautiful pair of Jhumkas can complement any outfit, from a simple everyday lawn jora to a dazzling wedding saree!

How to make your Jewelry Collection valuable?


You may be attracted to everything shiny and stylish, but we must ensure that what we buy is worth our money! The best way to do that is to get your earrings in precious or semi-precious stones. Either go for gold-plated material or sterling silver to enhance the longevity of your jewels! There can be a variety of precious gems and stones you can pick and add to your collection! We all know how diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Invest in a beautiful, dainty diamond set! The rubies, zircon, and emeralds will always add a touch of elegance and finesse to your look! A moonstone adds to your confident girl power vibe, while the rose quartz can add that sophisticated feminine touch!

Be the showstopper and speak your personality with the power of jewelry!


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