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Eid Gift Guide 2024: The Best Gifts to Win Over Any Pakistani Family!

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Are you planning on visiting your Pakistani friends and families this Eid al Adha? Let us tell you a little secret: Pakistani families love hosting, but we love hosting some guests more than others! (Guilty as charged.) If you want to be our favorite guest, who is welcome anytime, this gift guide is for you! Vogue Vocal has compiled a list of all-time favorites of desi brown Pakistani families, no matter where they live on the planet, that can earn you some brownie points! 

Here’s what you can bring over to your Pakistani friends or families in the neighborhood or acquaintances to make them feel we:

A Basket of Seasonal Goodies:

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Pakistanis love and cherish this gesture, be it seasonal fresh fruits or dry fruits. So this Eid, grab seasonal fruits to win over your Pakistani friends. This Eid al Adha, mango season will be at its peak, so we guarantee you no family would say no to mangoes or mango desserts! Oh, imagine those golden glistening mangoes or a mango tres leches cake, this one is a winner in our Eid gift guide 2024!

Traditional Pakistani Sweets (Mithai): 

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No matter the occasion, Pakistani sweets for the win! Nothing matches the delicacy and taste of Pakistani traditional sweets! The well-known names in traditional sweets also offer special gift packaging for special occasions that can add a personalized element of festivity to your gift! We can picture a traditional mithai box with all-time famous laddoo, gulab jamun, chum-chum, and barfi all layered up in colorful rows. Honestly, anyone on the receiving end would be delighted! You can add some personalized cookies or cupcakes as an alternative if you know the hosts aren’t fond of mithai! Another all-time favorite makes it to Vogue Vocal’s gift guide!

Homemade or Homegrown Food:

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 There’s just something special about the aroma of homemade food! The love and warmth it reflects are matchless! If you have a special recipe everyone loves, don’t hesitate to bring over home-cooked food! However, just make sure you use all halal food ingredients in the preparation so it can be devoured! If you have a kitchen garden, you may hit the jackpot. Pakistani families love and value homegrown organic food, which is considered a symbol of respect and affection.

Home Decor: 

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Pakistani mums love guests who bring over a home decoration item! It’s all about attention to detail. If you know the family’s taste and aesthetic sense, you can gift them a painting, a mural, an artistic centerpiece, a rug, scented candles, or a scent diffuser. Trust us, the hosts will love it, and you will thank your stars for this Vogue Vocal Gift Guide!

A Prayer Mat:

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Prayer mats or Jai-e-Namaz hold special significance in Pakistani Muslim households! Gifting a personalized prayer mat can be a beautiful gesture, showing respect towards religious sentiments and making them feel accepted and welcomed!

Clothing items for the win:

If you know the family members’ taste and fashion sense, a dress, a scarf, or a shawl could be the perfect idea to win their hearts! Pakistani families are fond of signature and statement clothing items, and this will definitely put you in their good books! 

Flowers say: “You are Special.”

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If you want a last-minute last-minute gift idea for Eid, bring them fresh flowers! The fragrance of blooming flowers is sure to win anyone’s heart! Pick some fresh flowers and make your hosts feel special!

Gift Cards:

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When in doubt, get a little basket, fill it with sweets and add a gift card! The perfect gift can be the gift of choice! If you are still deciding what to buy, giving them a gift card is best! Who wouldn’t love to go shopping without paying for it!

The Girl’s favourite basket:

If you want to win over the ladies in the house, the recipe is quite simple, make a gift basket with lots of sweets, chocolates, and some perfume or accessories. Who wouldn’t love a basket filled with love especially on Eid so this one goes on Vogue Vocal’s Eid Gift Guide 2024!

It’s all in the details:

How do you enhance the impact of your gift? The presentation is everything! Imagine a gift card given to you in an envelope or in a basket filled with sweets. What would attract more? So put that extra thought into the details and creatively present your gift! Pinterest can be your best friend when looking for creative DIY ideas! 

Eid al Adha and other Muslim festivities bring people closer to each other. The tradition of giving and receiving gifts strengthens your bond with others! So this Eid al Adha Vogue Vocal suggests you be thoughtful and send Eid greetings to your neighbourhood Muslim families with love and show them that you care! Keep your doors open and make personalized takeaway gifts for your guests! Let there be joy and fun everywhere!       

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