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Busting unrealistic beauty standards! 5 Makeup trends that will prevail in 2024!

makeup trends

One thing millennial and Gen Z should be proud of is calling out unrealistic beauty standards! If you still get inspired by the flushed-out photoshopped looks of celebrities, then you must be living under a rock! At Vogue Vocal, we did a little research to find out what the makeup artists have in store for us in this year’s makeup trends, and we are feeling pretty happy about it!

Textured skin is flawless!

The first makeup trend that you need to accept with pride this year is accepting your beautiful skin and taking care of it instead of hiding it under layers of makeup and filters! Skin texture is normal and natural, so embrace your skin in all its glory; however, this highlights the importance of skincare and a healthy lifestyle that makes your skin glow from within! What is the most essential element of your look? It’s the confidence that boosts your beauty, your body language, your hygiene, and your beautiful smile!

Makeup Trends of 2024

1. Dewy and Hydrated Skin with Skin Tints: 

Hydrated Skin

Gone are the days of full-coverage foundations! In 2024, all you need is lightweight skin tints with an SPF quotient to give your skin that “clean girl” dewy look! Girls, you must take care of your skin and use hydrating products like Hyaluronic in your skincare and makeup routine! Full-coverage foundations are so 2020. Now, the hype is about light and moisturizing skin tints that give you a natural, radiant look without your face looking too cakey!

2. Graphic and Smudged Eyeliners are the only way to do it this year:

Smudged Eyeliners

According to all the great makeup artists, we no longer go for the struggle of black cat eyes and wings! For summers, you have two choices, and they can make your makeup look stand out! The brown smudged eyeliner; to give your makeup a softer look, go for the smudged brown eyeliner that will add depth to your eyes and highlight them with subtle sophistication! A brown smudged eyeliner look will be perfect for your everyday glam or work look! Pair it with volumizing mascara to add drama, and you have a glamorous date night look.

If you are a girlie, who loves to put on a bold statement look, go for bright graphic eyeliner! The blue, green, and pink eyeliner makes your eye makeup pop and a quirky, chic, and fun element to your look! This summer, 2024, choose to turn heads with bold, sassy, colorful eyeliner!

3. Smudged lipstick look: 

Smudged lipstick look

The blurred or smudged lipstick look is one of our favorites for everyday wear. It gives your lips a naturally plump, hydrated, and soft look! This look can be easily created with lip tints or a combination of your favorite lip stain with a bit of concealer. For the perfectly smudged lipstick look, create a gradient effect from light to dark as you go from the outline of the lips to the center. This creates an illusion of naturally pink-stained and rosy lips!

I’m just letting you know that glossy lips are back! Plump, hydrated, juicy lips are back, and so are the days when you used to carry your lip balms around all the time! To get perfect glossy and lustrous lips, go for the OG lip balms, the classic gloss, or the Gen-Z lip oils!

4. Snatched look with C sculpt Blush:

Snatched look

You don’t need Botox or fillers for that lifted look (yet)! The intense contouring in the 2010 era taught the millennial that the way they put on their blush can add or take away at least 10 years of age! The C sculpt blush technique gives your face a lifted, snatched appearance. Our favorite makeup artists told us the little trick to go from the apple of your cheeks sweeping up to your eyebrows! Also, use a combination of tint or cream blush with powder blush for a look that stays put all day!

5. The brushed-up brows: 

Brushed up makeup

If you are a millennial, your brows have been through a lot! Those tweezed pencil-shaped eyebrows era, the bushy eyebrows, and the sharply sculpted eyebrows—boy, it has been wild! Now, the time is here to let your true self shine! The brushed-up brows are all the hype this year on makeup trends! Brush them up high, and you will achieve that natural, effortlessly elegant, and fuller look that exudes “boss babe” confidence!

Seeing all this year’s makeup trends, we can safely say that, finally, we are moving away from unrealistic beauty standards and going for a more natural look! At Vogue Vocal, our advice to all the women out there is to stay hydrated, eat your greens, and follow your skincare routine religiously! Set your hydration reminders, get your beauty sleep, and invest more in skincare! Have happy skin, and don’t forget to wear your confidence! You are beautiful the way you are!



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