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Turkish Actress Who Took Pakistan by Storm!

Turkish actress

Hey Blog Buddies, there is no doubt that Pakistan and Türkiye share a remarkable friendship due to their strong diplomatic relations. Political, religious, and economic factors contribute to celebrating this amazing friendship, and their showbiz and film industries play a huge role in this bond. This is why Pakistanis love and adore Turkish dramas and Turkish actresses. And so, out of those serials, some Turkish actress took every citizen of Pakistan by storm through their glamor and acting. And they rule the hearts of many Pakistani men and women to this day! Let’s begin the countdown with five of those great Turkish actresses.

1. Esra Bilgiç

Turkish Actress

She is a Turkish Actress born on 14th October 1992 in Ankara, Türkiye. Esra is best known for her role in Resurrection: Ertuğrul as Halime Sultan, Ramo, Lawless Love and more.

▸ Esra winning our hearts as Halime Sultan!

During the pandemic era in 2020, Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s order led Pakistani Television (PTV) to air the drama “Resurrection: Ertugrul” because he was touched by the glorious Islamic history promoted in that series. Consequently, the series became a great hit in Pakistan during the month of Ramadan! Due to the lockdown and Ramadan, people spent hours watching the series, appreciating its depiction of Islamic culture. Esra, who portrayed the role of Ertuğrul’s fiancée and later his wife, was highly loved by the people.

Turkish Actress

▸ Esra’s unconditional fan following:

Upon seeing the unconditional love given to Esra by Pakistanis, she appeared multiple times on the television thanking Pakistani viewers. She was even seen promoting Pakistan’s culture by wearing the local attires of Pakistani females. Here in the picture, where she is shown wishing the residents of Pakistan a Happy independence day, wearing the local Shalwar Kameez.

▸ Esra’s Appearance in Pakistani TVCs

She would stay in touch with her Pakistani Fans through Social Media Platforms. The Picture here is when Esra was working with Jazz Pakistan, she made multiple videos with them while trying to speak Urdu, or trying Pakistani cuisine.

Fans were left tense when Esra left the Ertugrul series. While she still performed in many other dramas which are popular in Pakistan to this day.

2. Hande Erçel

Turkish Actress

Hande Erçel is a Turkish Actress born on 24th November 1993 in Bandirma . She is known best for her role as Hayat Uzun Sarsilmaz in the series “Love can’t be understood in words”, Eda Yildiz in the series “Love is in the air” and “The Sunshine Girls.”

▸Hande & Burak’s Chemistry!

Her reign in the hearts of Pakistanis began when the drama “Love can’t be understood in words” or which was popularly known in Pakistan by name “Pyaar Lafzon Mein Kahan?” was aired on Pakistani Channel Filmazia in 2017.

Those series were aired twice a week which sparked curiosity of viewers and so everyone would anxiously wait for the show. Her co-star Burak Deniz was equally appreciated.

Hande ended up being the favorite actress of many Pakistani girls and boys who found her too cute.

Turkish Actress

▸ Hande’s Return to Television Screen

When the show ended in November 2018, Hande’s popularity slightly declined. However, it quickly rebounded when the drama “Dastak Mere Dil Par!” or “Love is in the Air” aired, and Hande received the same love from her Pakistani fans. Her fans even call her the Turkish Ayeza Khan.

▸The Sunshine Girls:

Hande and Kerem’s Fans love her duo with Burak Deniz and Kerem Bursin. She is the carrier of many awards like Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards, Turkey Youth Awards and many more.  Here you can see Burcu Özberk and Hande Erçel in The Sunshine Girls (2015). Concludingly, We would love to see Hande Erçel continue to impress us with her acting skills. We love you, Hande!

3. Hazal Kaya

Turkish Actress

Hazal Kaya didn’t gain a new reign over her fans’ hearts like other actresses; it began when she was just a teenager and portrayed Nihal Ziyagil in the drama “Ishq-e-Memnu” or “Forbidden Love,” endearing her to Pakistani fans. Later on, she also acted in series like “A Girl named Feriha” and “Our Story” through which she continued to conquer fields of love by Pakistani Fans. Hazal is also seen thanking her fans on twitter and facebook. Her role as “Filiz” in “Our Story” is popular as “Fiza Elibol”.

▸Fan Craze Ove Hazal’s Personal Life

Hazal’s current spouse is Ali Atay. The Hazal Kaya we once knew as a young little teenager is now a mother of her son “Fikret” to whom she and her social media fans call “Fiko” affectionately and a daughter Surreya Leyla Atay. Hazal’s dramas are still airing in Pakistan, she is still in the Favorite list of many Pakistanis. Recently, her drama Misafir (Guest) has aired in Pakistan which made her get more support from her fans.

Hazal gained fame for her roles in “Forbidden Love” as Nihal, “Our Story” as Filiz (Fiza), “Maral,” “Feriha,” “Nights at Pira Palace” as Esra, and “Misafir” as Gece. Her remarkable acting alongside Burak Deniz in “Our Story” (Hamari Kahani) skyrocketed her fame to the Seventh Sky.

Turkish Actress

▸ Hazal’s Choice of Relatable Scripts:

It’s understandable that many series like Ishq e Memnu which shows way too elite lifestyle or Kösem Sultan which takes you back in the history are of course not relatable, but the drama Our Story or Hamari Kahani starring Hazal Kaya and Burak Deniz is very relatable for many of us. The story is of a way too middle class family of the poor neighborhood of Istanbul, The Elibol Family. The main character Filiz Elibol, or in Pakistan known as Fiza Elibol, portrayed by Hazal, goes through numerous challenges of daily life.One day, a mysterious man named Bariş (Basit) confronts her, leading her on a long journey of love and hurdles to achieve the goal of a happy family and a loyal partner like Basit.

4. Beren Saat

Turkish Actress

Beren Saat is a Turkish actress. Since the commencement of her career, she has received serious praises and numerous tributes for her acting. She was born on 26th February 1984 and is a 40 year old right now. She is married to 50 year old Kenan Doğulu.

▸Beren Saat’s Memorable Performance:

Just like Hazal, she has been known for a very long time. The series “Ishq-e-Memnu,” where she played Nihal’s stepmother, brought her fame in Pakistan. Hazal portrayed the role of Nihal. Her poor fate and tragic death in the last episode of the series remain a remarkable memory stamped on the hearts of Pakistani fans. Her acting in the last episode was so emotional that every Pakistani who watched that episode cried badly, and it’s something which I witnessed myself as a small kid back then. Then Afterwards, more of her dramas like What is Fatmagul’s fault, Kösem Sultan (La Sultana) and more kept on airing in Pakistan, which continued to receive great support.

▸ The Connection with Pakistani Fans

When the tragic incident of Plane Crash Flight 8303 occurred in Karachi, Pakistan, Beren Saat extended her deepest condolences to the people of Pakistan. In 2017, her new drama “Magnificent Century: Kösem” aired on the Pakistani TV channel Urdu 1, capturing significant attention from television audiences. During the pandemic, Urdu 1 uploaded the drama on their YouTube channel, where it attracted more than 8 million viewers, as indicated by the thumbnail.

Turkish Actress

▸Is Beren Saat the Most Beautiful Turkish Actress?

Fans even claim that Beren Saat is the most beautiful lady of Türkiye due to her glamour and good nature. She was a highly active personality from 2010 to 2015 and gave some of the most memorable performances of her career. She during this period also surpassed various other Turkish actresses and became one of the highest paid actresses in the country. In addition to acting, she has actively partnered with various charitable organizations, aiding them in raising funds for diverse causes.She also donates a large chunk of own earned proceeds to charity which is quite impressive and nice of her.

▸The Diverse Range of Roles

Fans love Beren with Ekin Koç who was her co-star in La Sultana (Kösem) as Sultan Ahmed, Engin Akyürek who was her co-star in What was Fatmagul’s fault, and Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ who acted as Behlul with her as Bihter in the drama Forbidden Love.

5. Meryem Uzerli

Turkish Actress

She is a German-Turkish Actress whose mother is German and father is Turkish .Audiences best know Meryem for her role as Haseki Hurrem Sultan in the series Magnificent Century. They adore her ginger hair and blue eyes.Her blue eyes are a major feature of her beauty. Her expressive face is enough to land her a role in a silent film. Another beloved feature of hers is her chubby cheeks, which adds cuteness to her face.

▸ The Fame of Mera Sultan:

Turkish Actress

Well, if we talk about the rise of Meryem in Pakistan then it’s surely because of the drama Magnificent Century, or Mera Sultan in Pakistan. The drama made Meryem highly popular, and she became well-known for her character, Hurrem Sultana.. Hurrem’s journey from Ruthenia to Suleiman’s Nikah is very exhilarating and often emotional as well. The drama begins sadly with Tartars attacking Alexandra’s family, forcing her into concubinage at Topkapi Palace before she becomes Muslim. And Later, when she falls in love with Suleiman, The Magnificent is a great climax. The Series is about the Golden Age of the Ottoman Empire. You will experience big conquests of the Muslims extending to three continents. Meryem’s great acting has influenced her fans badly and people. People remember her acting to this day.

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