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Top outfits from OTT Blockbuster Heeramandi: Glamor and Elegance at its Finesse!


It has been about a year since the buzz about Heeramandi started in B-town and spread like wildfire across borders. The incredibly talented cast, first looks, main theme, and the idea of showcasing this majestic masterpiece in Lahore made it a much-anticipated series on Netflix!

When it comes to aesthetics, Sanjay Leela Bhansali always brings perfection to the screen, but this time, we feel like he outdid himself when every frame looks like a piece of vintage art!

The ambience and portrayal of the much controversial “Heeramandi” in its full glory couldn’t have been done more aptly! The internet does believe Mr Bhansali went a little overboard with the sophistication of the dialogues, but we cannot deny the magic of these dialogues!

It was a bold move to captivate the most controversial women in history in the most magnificently glorious way! We can go on and on about the storyline and how refreshing it was to see this patriotic side of the picture showcased, but right now at Vogue Vocal, we are all about the looks, and oh boy, are we in awe of the looks served!

It evoked a sense of vintage modest fashion and lowkey made all desi girlies walk around in their shararas, all dolled up in jewellery, and not forget that gorgeous “Nath.”

From Bibo Jaan and Alam Zeb‘s modest and simply beautiful flowy outfits to Sonakshi Sinha, aka Fareedan‘s over-the-top glamorous sarees, everything oozed perfection and finesse! So brace yourselves, as we are pretty sure we are going to see a lot of fashion inspo from Heeramandi looks in upcoming Pakistani weddings! The designer duo Rimple and Harpreet has set the bar high for any upcoming period movies or bridal fashion!

Take a look at our Top favorite looks that we can’t get enough of:

Aditi Rao Hydari in The Visually Mesmerizing Red Anarkali:

Aditi Rao Hydari

The classic charm of Bibo Jan‘s flaring hot red outfit in Heeramandi was grandeur and elegance! This stunning piece with golden zari details will inspire many brides-to-be! The heavily embellished jora exudes elegance and sophistication, and the grace Aditi Rao Hydari carries with such stunning pieces of jewellery is exactly how it was meant to be showcased!

All That Glitters Isn’t Gold in Sonakshi Sinha’s Dazzling Saree:

Sonakshi Sinha

While many actresses gave shararas, lehngas, and Anarkali masterstrokes, Fareedan stole the limelight with her shimmery bling in a sheer saree! Depicting the song’s true essence and character, that saree was an absolute masterpiece!

The Grace and Sophistication of Richa Chada’s White Saree:

Richa Chada

Are you not a fan of all shimmery sarees? Here’s how you steal the limelight with simplicity and grace! Not only did we fall in love with that stunning white saree, but we were low-key in awe of how you showed your ex what he was going to miss! That sheer white saree with vibrant floral pattern embroidery exudes finesse in a classy, chic look! Wear this saree for any daytime event and be the showstopper!

The Beauty in The Simplicity Of Bibo Jan’s Anarkali:

Bibo Jan

Can we all agree that Aditi Rao completely stole the show with her glam and minimalist, no-makeup looks? Her glowing bare skin, gorgeous nath, and simple, flowy cotton anarkalis with light embroidery were a breath of fresh air in the show! Her black dresses and pastel anarkali with the peach dupatta look live in our minds rent-free!

You can expect to see lots of Anarkali and flowy gowns this Eid al Adha!

The Drama of Black! Sonakshi Sinha’s All-Black Glam!

Sonakshi Sinha

We all know that someone always wears black no matter the event! Sonakshi Sinha slayed the dramatic black outfit game for all the black beauties! It looked straight out of a painting, and the stunning all-black shirt paired with a flowy black lehenga looked absolutely ravishing! That sheer dupatta and magnificent jewelry looked breathtaking!

 Sharmin Segal’s Regal Looks:

Sharmin Segal

The Alamzeb-Tajdar love angle had us all in tears! Their chemistry was mindblowing! What made it more special was the depiction of Alamzeb’s poetic character and looks! The simplicity of her looks in that shalwar kameez at Mushaira, where she met Tajdar for the first time, was truly unforgettable! We couldn’t get over a look that stayed on screen for barely a few minutes and had us all in awe of the beauty of our cultural heritage! The glamorous look as she got ready in that ravishing red dress for her big night! That could easily be a breathtaking bridal look!

Malika Jan’s Pastel Elegance:

Malika Jan

Can we take a moment to appreciate the grandeur of Malika Jan‘s outfits? From her sarees to the pastel ghararas and anarkalis, Malika Jan made it clear who’s the leading lady here! With the gold look from the stills to the pastel gharara, Malika Jan isn’t just ruling the screen but our hearts, too!

What were your favorites from this work of art? It’s safe to say that Heeramandi fever isn’t ending anytime soon!


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