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The Best Pakistani Celebrities’ Wedding Dresses and Looks of All Time!

Pakistani Bridal Dresses

Are you getting married soon? Are you tired of finding wedding dress inspiration from Pakistani bridal dresses or Pakistani wedding looks? Do you know what might help you with wedding dress inspiration? A little sneak peek into the wedding looks of our favorite celebrities! Celebrity bridal dresses play a vital role and are flag bearers of Pakistani signature style statements across the globe! Be it the classic black dress worn by Mahira Khan in Humsafar or the iconic pink Bridal dress worn by Hania Amir, aka Hala in Mere Humsafar, the public and fans across the globe are in awe of their fashion statement, and at some point, we have all wanted to try on those looks.

So, my future desi brides, here’s your chance to live one of the fairytale moments and recreate an iconic bridal look by Pakistani celebrities by choosing the best among Pakistani bridal dresses. Some celebrities served slaying looks in Pakistani fashion shows like the holy grail of bridal fashion, The Bridal Couture Week, while others left us in awe of their real bridal looks!

Let’s dive into some of Pakistani celebrities’ most iconic Pakistani bridal dresses as a guide to all Pakistani brides living in any part of the world! While every bride looks beautiful on their big day, and there’s no comparison of one with another yet, some looks made us swoon over their iconic style statement!

Mahira Khan’s Blissful Radiant Look:

Mahira Khan


Mahira Khan’s wedding looks took the internet by storm in 2023! The Mahira looks frenzy lasted more than two weeks as Mahira casually kept dropping one stunning look after another! However, the most talked about look will still be that radiant white lehnga heavenly look! Mahira Khan’s bridal dress, designed by Faraz Manan, was sheer beauty and grace! That dreamy venue in the Murree Hills, surrounded by peace and beauty, gave it a majestic look, and the photographer stole the show, leaving us starstruck with that stunning shot of Mahira Khan glowing in that white dress! While I was never a fan of wearing “white” as your bridal dress, Mahira Khan’s bridal look changed my perspective! While there were plenty of other looks, I particularly loved the Qawali night look! The effortless stroke of classic Pakistani embroideries and embellishments in a gorgeous outfit by “Ranos Heirlooms” made our hearts go va va voom! The classic Chattapatti Gharara and that breathtaking kurti made a match in heaven! This could easily be a nikah or a Mehndi bridal outfit!

Saboor Aly:

Saboor Aly


Saboor Aly is undoubtedly one of the prettiest faces of the Pakistani fashion and entertainment industry! When Saboor Aly tied the knot, our hearts just melted with the vibe of that nikah! Saboor Aly’s nikah look, allegedly later copied by Iqra Aziz in her drama Mannat Murad, was one of the dreamiest and most regal Pakistani Bridal looks ever. Saboor Aly opted for a classic Faiza Saqlain ethnic jora for her big day! While Saboor Aly’s dress screamed signature Pakistani weddings with the traditional Gharara Silhouette, she didn’t opt for red color and instead rocked a pretty champagne-colored dress! So make a style statement in your Bridal Dress!

Iqra Aziz:

Iqra Aziz


Many Pakistani brides are trying non-traditional bridal looks and colors and slaying it. Iqra Aziz stands out for her breathtaking traditional red Pakistani bridal lehenga! With Nomi Ansari‘s exquisite bridal dress, Iqra Aziz has marked an iconic bridal look! The red-on-red embellishments lehnga choli with a sophisticated cutwork dupatta was a bold move Nomi Ansari pulled off, and Iqra Aziz carried the look with such grace! This could be your inspiration if you want a traditional red bridal dress!

Some Pakistani celebrity brides pulled off vintage bridal looks like Naimal Khawar. Others made a statement with a no-makeup look like Urwa Hocane. Urwa wore a gorgeous Elaan bridal dress.

Looking for celebrity bridal dress inspiration? See how our celebrities mix and match colors and styles for different events. It adds depth to your style statement for various wedding festivities. Find what fits best for you. However, our advice is not to go for a replica of the look as it looks a bit tacky. Personalize the celebrity wedding according to your personal style statement, and be happy; it’s your special day! Don’t overthink it; you’ll be the prettiest bride!

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