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Rosemary; Secret To Hair Growth! Get Healthy Hair This Summer!


No matter how good your outfit is, a bad hair day can ruin everything! You can cover the skin with good makeup. However, there’s no hiding with dry, damaged hair! Being obsessed with your hair doesn’t hurt; it’s the crown you never take off!

There are about a hundred girl problems every day, yet good hair can solve about 99 of them! Ask the girls to have a good hair day; they are in their “Boss Queen” era and can achieve anything they put their minds to! That’s the power of beautiful and healthy hair!

What is causing the hair fall?


Whenever you notice hair fall, the first thing that needs to be done is to identify the cause of hair fall. Our hair can play sensitive! It’s like dealing with a moody girlfriend trying to find what you did to set her off now! Hair Fall or hair damage can be caused by changes in weather conditions, high levels of humidity, excessive use of styling products and tools, and nutritional deficiency! If you notice an unusual change in your hair, you should never rule out a trip to a physician, as any hormonal disturbance or nutrition deficiency can affect hair growth. Supplements and home remedies sure help maintain hair health!

Rosemary Hype in Hair Care:

Now and then, we hear the internet soaring about one product or another, and people go gaga over it for a while, and we never hear the end of it! This time, it’s Rosemary! The rosemary herb has many benefits, and hair growth is one of them! The TikTok effect had us all reaching for Rosemary leaves! Rosemary oil and rosemary water can stimulate hair growth and help you achieve your hair goals!

How to use rosemary for hair growth?

hair growth

Rosemary Water Hair Growth Serum:

Whenever you start using any home remedy for hair or skin, patience and consistency are the key! We look for overnight results, which is not possible the natural way! However, rosemary water seems to be the closest to the miracle product we have witnessed so far! The lustrous shine and softer hair were almost instant!

To make Rosemary hair growth oil all you need is:

• Rosemary leaves

• Water

Add about a handful of fresh rosemary leaves or a spoonful of dried rosemary herb in about two cups of water and let it simmer on low heat till it reduces half in size! Strain this hair growth serum, and you can either use it in a spray bottle or a dropper bottle with a pipette. You can store it till it lasts, but if you use it regularly, it will last you about one week!

How to use Rosemary Hair Growth Serum?

Rosemary serum

Use this serum directly on your hair, spray it in your roots, and leave it in! You do not need to wash your hair after using this rosemary water. Do this twice a day for more effective results! You will notice a difference in the hair fall in a week, and your hair will appear much fuller and healthier!

Rosemary Hair Oil for hair growth:

Oiling the scalp is a centuries-old hair growth remedy, and people have claimed it to be their tried and tested solution for all hair problems! Especially all Pakistani desk households must have witnessed that hair oiling Sundays! If you want to try Rosemary hair oil, it is pretty simple! Here’s what you need:

•Mustard Oil

•Rosemary leaves (fresh or dried)

Heat the mustard oil in a pan until it starts bubbling. Turn off the flame and add rosemary leaves to the oil. Leave the leaves in the oil for 24 hours, or at least overnight! Strain the oil and now use it like any other oil.

You can use it before washes, but we recommend using it at least once a week. These two remedies can go hand in hand for the best results! Use hair growth water every day and rosemary hair oil once a week. You will notice the growth of baby hair in no time!

TikTok and social media, in general, have often tricked us into trying the most bizarre tips, but this one is a winner. Not only have we witnessed the hair growth journey of many beauty influencers, but it’s tried and tested! Now run to your nearest grocery store to grab Rosemary and give your hair the care it needs! This summer, let your hair flips be more dramatic than ever before! Have happy hair, queens!


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