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Millennial Street style and Everyday Fashion Trends 2024; A comeback with a bang!

millennial trends

History repeats itself, and so does fashion! Are you a millennial secretly still living in your Backstreet Boys era and watching Taylor Swift’s Era’s tour? Well, have you visited the urban fashion stores recently? Did it look familiar? The nostalgia of these millennial trends hit the roof as we looked across the urban fashion aisles!

Are we back in the early 2000s? We all had something like this in our wardrobe during the 2000s; in fact, it was a staple we couldn’t step out without, and now we see the Gen-Z and Gen-Alpha girlies crushing over the same styles, prints, patterns, and trends! It’s back with a bang! Them baggy jeans and those peplum tops with jeans! The oversized bags and so much more!

Millennial Fashion Dilemma:

The Millennials are quite like the “Middle Child” just stuck there with the classic and elegant boomers and the fashion-forward Gen-Z! Too cool for them old Boomers and light years behind Gen-Z! Honestly, these teens make us feel like Dinosaur ancestors with their styles, but guess what! The tables have turned! Any hints whose wardrobe is already filled with the hottest steet style fashion trends 2024; it’s us!

Millennials are also guilty of getting too attached to everything (Still not over your ex right? Sighs) We never got ourselves to get rid of those statement belts, bags, necklaces, and other accessories that were practically a part of our lifestyle!

The Return of Millennial Fashion:

Some things are just too good to let go of! Some statement trends of the 2000’s are making their way back and we are loving it! Let’s go through the staple wardrobe of every millennial a.k.a Latest Fashion Trends 2024!

  • The comeback of the statement belts:

statement belts

 The belt look that cringed the teens is now becoming a signature style! Be it those leopard print belts that matched every outfit or the delicate ones with chains and charms; belts are back!

How to style: Style your chunky belts with peplum tops and make any top a “going out top” The Pakistani/Indian girls are the founders of “Fusion Fashion” The Good news; is belts add details to the Indo-Western outfits as well! So don’t shy away from adding that belt to your saree, peplum tops, or even the long flowy maxi dresses!

  • Statement Necklaces: 

Statement Necklaces

The statement necklaces were a part of our everyday look! That dazzle of those heavy stone necklaces was the most chic and classy way to make any outfit stand out! The statement necklaces are back and if you are a hoarder like us; it’s time to pull out that old dusty jewelry box and style all your favorite pieces again!

How to style: There is something so magical about these statement necklaces that they can instantly add oomph to every outfit! If you are wearing plain outfits then go for a contrasting bold color; with printed tops the options are endless! There’s no hard and fast rule! The only thing that matters is styling it in a way that grabs the attention. Wear your hair up in a bun for a complete look!

  • Peplum Tops: 

Peplum Tops

  • Peplum tops are the new rage in fashion trends 2024! We sort of manifested the return of peplum tops with all our hearts seeing those crop tops everywhere for about a year or more! Not everyone wants to show skin with crop tops, Peplum tops were the best option for the modest yet stylish girlies! A peplum top could effortlessly pull off a quintessential chic look!

How to Style: Style your peplum tops with skinny jeans, khakis or boot-cut denim! You will slay the look! Add a belt or throw on a sleek blazer for that boss-girl vibe!

  • The French Tuck: 

    So… was a French tuck ever out of style? I believe we kept the trend alive! It was just too good to let go! Whether it’s a formal button-down shirt, a casual t-shirt or an oversized sweatshirt, French Tuck rules! It is the comfort zone for millennials! Even if it wasn’t the trend, guilty as charged, for doing it every single time!

How to Style: The French Tuck gives a neat and chic look so don’t shy away from tucking in those shirts giving it a little urban look. Remember not to tuck it in too tightly, leave a little ruffle to give it texture and volume. At the same time do not make it too loose from the edges for that neat look!

  • Wide-Legged Pants: 

    We are millennials; we have worn it all; from skinny jeans to wide-legged cargos and ripped denims! Take it from us; when it came to style we had many options but when we had to pick style and comfort; the choice was wide-legged pants! Be it denim or cargo, the wide-legged fit is hands down the most comfortable yet stylish fit!

How to style:

With a pair of wide-legged pants you can either go for a Billie Eilish Big Tshirt look! Grab those oversized shirts, French tuck maybe, or alternately style them with fitted crop tops for that structured and balanced look!

Pakistani Fashion making comeback with Gen-Z

When we hear the hype about fashion trends 2024 making a comeback, we cannot help but think about how we can reuse our desi Pakistani fashion and Pakistani clothes! Ladies, now it’s your time to raid those old suitcases with vintage dupattas and long formal heavy embroidered outfits that your mother had saved all these years. Sustainability is always in fashion, and as Pakistanis, we are blessed that our wardrobe is always filled with statement pieces, especially formal wedding wear. Not only do these outfits have sentimental value, but they also show grace and style like none other! Our classic cuts and silhouettes like Saree, lehnga, and ghararas will never run out of style anyway!

So let’s bring the best trends back! Be it street style fashion or traditional Pakistani fashion; get your groove on!


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