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Hum Style Awards Where Pakistani Celebrities Missed The Style!

hum style awards

Hum Style Awards 2024 landed right after the Met Gala, and we have our very own Red Carpet looks to comment on! Hum TV has played an integral role in Pakistani Drama and the fashion industry! Serving some of the best dramas that will be etched in our hearts forever, Hum TV has set the bar quite high for all the events, but this year, somehow, Vogue Vocal felt that the Hum Style Awards missed the mark!

Where Were All the Celebrities in Hum Style Awards 2024?

At Vogue Vocal, we took our time to observe all looks and dramas and get all the inside scoop. The first and most shocking thing for us was the absence of big names in the industry! It won’t be wrong to say that the premier of the drama Gentleman got better media coverage and celebrity presence than the Hum Style awards. Some of the celebrities that showed up at the Hum Style Awards are Hania Amir, Fahad Mustafa, Sadaf Kanwal, Shahroze Sabzwari, Amar Khan, Alizey Shah, Bilal, Asim Azhar, Adnan Siddiqui, Aima Baig, Mamia, Nausheen Shah, Zahid Ahmed, Sarwat Gillani, Ijaz Aslam, Azaan Sami Khan, Amna Ilyas, and some more names of the industry showed up!

Celebrity Style Trolling Continues:

It can be debated whether trolling has become a part of our media culture or the lack of style that led to the fashion debate on social media! Some celebrities missed the mark, and the internet has a lot to say about our half-styled Pakistani celebrities. Some celebrities, like Srha Asghar, made a bold statement about their fellow industry women throwing shade on their dressing and styling sense. All we can say is we are here for the tea and looks!

Here are some of the “yay or nay” looks:

‣ Alizey Shah:

hum style awards

Alizey Shah was probably inspired by the Alibaba version of Kylie Jenner with a black dress and fur, but that god-awful fur also ruined a black dress! She could have used this moment for a comeback and win hearts, but instead, she picked another risky look! Vogue Vocal rates the look 4/10

‣ Amna Ilyas:

hum style awards 

Amna Ilyas is usually a stunner with her impeccable styling sense, but our girl didn’t quite hit the mark this time. The oversized blazer and pants did not give the style vibes we were expecting from our diva, and her outfit was missing the finesse!

‣ Amar Khan:

hum style awards

Amar Khan is a beautiful face of our industry, yet a beautiful face can’t hide behind bad styling! The dress and its silhouette were a bit too flashy and not stylish and chic. Amar could have done a much better job!

‣ Aima Baig:

hum style awards

Aima Baig looked like the” it girl.” Fahad Hussayn’s funky, chic, and vibrant look gave her the “girl next door” vibes. She looked fantastic, and her sleeves added just the right amount of drama!

‣ Bilal Saeed: 

hum style awards

He had a perfectly structured and styled look~! Bilal looked dapper from his hairdo to the fringe and perfectly tailored outfit! The way he made a statement for Palestine through his outfit was really commendable! 5 stars from Vogue Vocal!

‣ Hania Amir: 

hum style awards

Hania Amir slayed the “statement look” for Palestine with kaffiyeh fabric and accessorised the look with a Palestine Flag. She has an infectious positive energy, and we could feel it through her GRWM reel. However, if there’s one thing we would like to change about her outfit, it would be the print-on-print statement! Pairing it with solid pants could have given the print more emphasis! Nevertheless, you rocked it, girl!

‣ Khaqan:

hum style awards

Khaqan wore 50 shades of white because the outfits didn’t quite match! In a recent interview, Khaqan was seen proudly owning his fair complexion as a privilege, yet his makeup artists didn’t quite agree and added about 10 more layers of white on him! Khaqan could really use some color analysis for his skin tone!

‣ Asim Azhar: 

hum style awards

Asim Azhar is in his “oversized wardrobe” era! He chose a green oversized suit and played it safe. The outfit was a reasonable style effort, and we liked it!

‣ Sadaf Shahroze Sabzwari:

hum style awards

Ladies and gentlemen, make way for the queen! Sadaf slayed the show, and we have our winner! The fall of her perfectly designed dress, the silhouette, the sleek finesse, and the sophistication were majestic! The colour of her dress gave her a glowing, radiant look, and her makeup was on point! Vogue Vocal crowns her the undisputed queen of Hum Style Awards! Her dress’s simple yet chic look accentuating her flawless beauty spoke volumes about her styling!

‣ Adnan Siddiqui:

Adnan Siddiqui showed up in a dapper look! The olive green look was sporty and cool, for sure, but Adnan Siddiqui is one of the most handsome men in our industry, and we believe a little more effort would have been really cool!

‣ Aijaz Aslam:

Aijaz Aslam is forever a heartthrob and wins the public’s hearts with his performances. His sleek, elegant, and minimalistic black look was stunning this time!

‣ Zahid Ahmed:

Zahid Ahmed, the night’s host, made an effort with a printed blazer, but the whole look still didn’t look quite cohesive! 5/10 for the effort!

Some more celebrities showed up and rocked in their own style element! Mamya put on a sizzling look! While her hair and makeup look were snatched, the dress was not quite well fitted. Faisal Qureshi looked fine, but still, that look wasn’t quite award-function worthy. Yashma Gill wore a beautiful saree and looked beautiful! Maryam Nafees wore a gorgeous emerald green saree and looked pretty. Nosheen Shah wore a stunning black dress, and the silhouette of this dress was gorgeous!

Vogue Vocal applauds Hums Style Awards for putting in an effort to showcase a glimpse of Pakistani fashion and style. However, we wish our Pakistani celebrities also put in that effort in their styling!

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