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How I Made My Skin Glow in 15 Days? Skincare Hacks That Actually Work!


Can we please get a magical wand that transforms our skin in a gif? Unfortunately no! But guess what after a decade of trial and error I was finally able to find what works for me! The skincare hacks I’m sharing now are my holy grail and have never failed to work their magic everytime I use them!

The Miracle Skincare Drink

 Your skin is the mirror image of your gut health! When you eat clean, it shows on your skin! I noticed that every time my junk food or sugar intake increased, my skin started breaking out! My mother always made this drink for me and if you take it regularly for two weeks you will definitely see the glow!



▸Bunch of Spinach

▸ Green Apple


▸ Ginger

▸ Moringa Leaves powder

Blend them well and add lemon juice to add a tangy flavor! Drink this for two weeks and your skin will start to clear up! The antioxidants will help you feel refreshed and clean up all the toxins! Trust me you won’t only look better, you will feel better and energized and rejuvenated!

Hydration the key to Smooth Skin


Everytime a celebrity is asked “What’s the secret to your skin?” They say “Drink plenty of water” I thought it was a scam! How could something as simple as water could possibly cause a smooth clear skin! But guess what? They were actually honest all along! Of course they use many other treatments and products but trust me nothing would work if you don’t drink enough water. Stay hydrated for that glowing skin!

Invest in Skincare More Than Makeup Products


Remember, makeup glam can make you look good for the night but what you need in the long run is your healthy natural skin! I cannot emphasize this enough that you must invest in good skincare. Do not use any low quality makeup products ever! Check the expiry date for all your makeup and skincare products and store them appropriately. Curate a proper daytime and nighttime skincare routine. Want to slow down your aging process, never forget to take off your makeup before your bedtime to reverse your aging! Use retinol, hyaluronic, vitamin-c serums and use double cleansers to make sure your skin is free from any impurities!

Never Skip Sunscreen Even at Home!


I cannot ever thank the person enough who taught me how important it is to use sunscreen! Never thought it could make such a huge difference in how my skin looks! The sense of safety knowing my skin is protected even when I go out has been a game changer! Remember to invest in medically approved sunscreens that actually work! Whether you are stepping out of the house or not, after your morning skincare, apply sunblock and reapply every 3 hours!

Ice , Ice Baby!


Do you know the simplest of things could give you such a glow! Imagine the ice that has been sitting in your freezer can give your skin such a magical glow! Ice dunk early in the morning can be such a game changer! Pour ice cubes in a tub of water and give your face a truly refreshing ice bath! It helped me tighten my pores, reduce puffiness on my face! Also if like me you are guilty of scrolling insta all night or binge watched a season, this will help you look awake and alive!

Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturize, Repeat


Make it a habit to have a daily routine, a weekly routine, and that “girls all things shower!” Cleansing is like breathing! Imagine how your skin looks if you don’t let it breathe! Get rid of all the makeup residue and dirt on your face with cleansing! Exfoliate your skin with a gentle scrub! Remember not to over exfoliate as it might damage your skin barrier! The biggest mistake I made for countless years was skipping moisturizing! I thought my oily skin didn’t need moisturizer but boy I was wrong! Get the moisturizer that suits your skin type and use it religiously! Your future self will thank you!

Bathe Your Skin in Milk, Queen!


Have you heard stories of queens and princesses from the past who used to bathe in milk? It sparked a curiosity in my mind that there must be some good to it since it was the ritual of the royals! So I used fresh milk as a cleanser and my skin felt so soft and supple! You can use milk alone or with honey or gram flour! Need a lazy girl tip? Here’s what I did: I kept a jar of powdered milk with my regular face wash. Everytime i’d wash my face, I added a little milk powder and sometimes I’d leave it on for some time while I brushed my teeth and then washing the face would gently exfoliate it!

Know Your Skin Type and Own it!


Read and remember, if you want your look to be flawless every time, all you need is to believe in yourself! The confidence that glows from within cannot be replaced with any product! Tell yourself that skin texture is natural. Do not set unnatural standards for yourself, filtered images on social media can’t determine your beauty! Fall in love with the unfiltered version of yourself! Know your skin type and pick products that suit you, talk to your dermatologist if you are looking for some consultation! Skincare is a part of self love! Love yourself queen, you are beautiful!

Mehreen Hassan

Good taste never goes out of style! Mehreen Hassan at Vogue Vocal is as vocal about all time tried and tested beauty secrets as it can get! The real deal behind a well put together look is the confidence that glows and shines from within! Mehreen is your beauty guru with the nature’s secrets, DIY skincare, and all the trending Beauty products! Let’s learn the dos and don’ts of a skincare routine and let your beautiful personality shine through!

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