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2024, Met Gala Expectations vs Reality; The Best and Worst dressed celebrities.

Met Gala

Like every year, the Met Gala brings lots of controversies, gossip, and a subtle reminder of how diversified we are and how fashion unites us! Every year, the Met Gala serves some of the most iconic looks the audience remembers for years to come!

The Met Gala, the epitome of fashion, set the stage for the year with its 2024 themes, ‘Garden of Time’ and ‘Sleeping Beauties’; ‘Reawakening Fashion’. With its potential to influence fashion trends in the coming months, this exciting concept had us all on our toes! Little did we know that it would also lead to one of the biggest disappointments in the Met Gala’s history, as clearly some celebrities didn’t get that memo!

Who did not attend the Met Gala yet went Viral?

Now, we can delve into the details of the celebrities who graced the event and whether they hit or missed the mark. However, this year, a new trend emerged, thanks to AI. Celebrities made waves on the internet with their pictures in the theme, even without physically attending the event!

You heard it right. That look of Katie Perry was, unfortunately, unreal and AI-generated. Similarly, people went gaga over Lady Gaga’s spiral dress, but Lady Gaga didn’t attend the Met Gala this year! Rihanna’s fan club didn’t hold back either, and her pictures made rounds on the internet!

The Best Dressed Celebrities of Met Gala:

• Gigi Hadid in Thom Browne:

Gigi Hadid

The first look from Gigi Hadid reminded us of a French patisserie or Lemon Tart frosting! But boy, she looked pretty! Gigi Hadid never fails to impress; this was one of our favorite looks from the night! Truly depicting the theme’s beauty and delicacy, this dress reflected Gigi’s vibrant personality! We are in love with Gigi all over again! Well done!

• Lana Del Ray in Alexander McQueen:

Lana Del Ray

If “Mother Nature” was a person, that’s it; this is the look! Looking like a goddess, Lana Del Ray served one of the best looks on the Met Gala Red Carpet 2024. The twigs poking out of her dress added character and drama one looks for in Met Gala looks!

• Zendaya in Maison Margiela:

Zendaya owned the red carpet at the Met Gala. Her look was one of the most iconic, and we couldn’t get enough of it! The gothic makeup, that headpiece, and those stunning accessories were a perfect match! Zendaya, with her change of fit, served two looks and slayed them!


• Demi Moore in Harris Reed:

Demi Moore

Quick question: Did Demi Moore kill it on Met Gala Red Carpet, or did she unapologetically show everyone how Met is done? She did it all! Her flattering curves were accentuated by the dress most elegantly in a black velvet outfit with a gorgeous floral print! Her appearance at the Met after 5 years was sure a memorable one!

• Cardi B. in Giambattista Vali:

Cardi B

Cardi B. brought back the OG Met Gala vibes while others tried the subtle minimalistic style. We are all in for the grandeur and drama Cardi B. brought to the red carpet in this stunning all-black dress! This layered gown had us all drooling over the black beauty!

• Alia Bhatt in Sabyasachi:

Alia Bhatt

True to our roots, we all loved the subtle glam that our Bollywood queen, Ali Bhatt, showcased! Sabyasachi’s breathtakingly gorgeous floral saree was a breath of fresh air in the garden of time! The long trail, the subtle makeup, and the headpiece gave goddess vibes!

Other celebrities that made our day included our timeless beauty, Jennifer Lopez in Schiaparelli Haute Couture, Cole Escola with that cute Dog wicker flower basket, Anok Yai in the glittering Swarovski, Nicole Kidman in Balenciaga was the epitome of finesse.

In her signature hair-do, Ariana Grande looked gorgeous with the little details of butterfly wings!

The Celebrity that did her homework:

Tyla, the star of the night! Girl, you did magic! What are you in this standout piece of art? How cleverly is this sand dress portraying the “Garden of Time?” The uniqueness of her dress, tailored to perfection, and the hourglass-shaped handbag could not have been more perfect!


Celebrities that need to step up their game!

While some celebrities were trendsetters, some missed the mark and needed to work on their style game!

• The Kardashians:


Well, we are trying to keep up with the Kardashians, as Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kendal Jenner, and Kris Jenner made an appearance on the Red Carpet for the Met Gala 2024. Still, we guess the Kardashians didn’t keep up with the theme this year, as the style quotient was really off!

Kim Kardashian and that infamous Boyfriend’s sweater didn’t hit the mark for us! Kim needs to stop relying on that itsy, teeny tiny waist to cover everything! While she told the paps that her hair was a mess, we agreed, Kim, we saw no effort!

Kim Kardashian

Kylie had the most boring outfit of them all. Just the silhouette was okayish. Other than that, her look was screaming for help! Kylie, it’s time to step up the game!

Kendall had a somewhat better look than the Kardashians! Her black gown was graceful and pretty but not “Met Gala” enough!

Doja Cat had jaw-dropping looks one after another but still couldn’t stand out! Whether it was the transparent bag dress, the sheer white wet shirt dress, or the towel look, everything was off and screamed attention. All we can say is it wasn’t worth it!

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj’s yellow dress with dazzling flowers was on point with the theme, yet it did not really work for us!

What a roller coaster this year was! We could go on and on, but let’s put the Met Gala to rest for now. Did our “hits and miss” resonate with your fashion reviews? Which Pakistani celebrities would you like to see at Met Gala next year?


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