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The Vogue Trend for Hair in 2024; Your Spring Summer Hair Guide!

Hair trend

I can survive a bad outfit if my hair is all set but there’s no bouncing back from a bad hair day no matter if I’m dressed in diamonds! Spring Summer 2024 hair trends are here so let’s pick your favorite look that requires minimum effort and is always set to make you look chic and classy!

Hair Styling Tools and Techniques to Hold on to in 2024:

Hair Styling Tools

Millennial girlies know the pain our hair went through with the intense styling tools! Our hair wasn’t done unless we could smell it burning! Nowadays, Dyson Air Wrap is all the rage and once you use it, the hype will make sense! For those sudden summer plans we need quick styling tools, so this summer, add a few essentials to your list! Grab that heat protectant for your hair and use it for your hair life depends on it! Olaplex products are the talk of the town for their amazing results but pick whatever suits you! The Dyson Air Wrap can make or break your look! Get rid of that frizzy look and give yourself some loose beachy waves!

If you want to stay away from any styling tools then the overnight heatless curls or braided waves will be your best friend this season with minimal effort you’ll be all set for the next day!

New Hair New You this summer? Haircuts for 2024:

Haircuts for 2024

The feminine urge to change your hairstyle every time the season changes is unimaginably strong! That fresh cut as the heat rises and the flowers bloom, instantly lifts your mood! A good haircut can make or break your confidence so pick one wisely according to the shape of your face! This summer chop off those ends and be effortlessly bold and chic!

»Curtain Bangs:

Curtain Bangs

Oh, how it changes your personality in a GIF! Curtain Bangs instantly takes away like five years from your age! This season, curtain bangs are back and this time we are not talking about the short ones that were impossible to style! One wrong stroke and you mess it up for a good couple of hours! The bangs are long and sleek framing your face! It’s more like that long flick that was famous in the 70s and made its way back in the early 2000s!

»Hey Bob!

Hey Bob

From those asymmetrical long bobs to the bold short ones, bobs among the modern hair trends are always in style! Yet every season, bobs come with their share of slight changes and more elevated look and suddenly the world starts to make sense again! This time meet the shoulder-skimming bob! This particular length is such a versatile move that can look good for all hair types and colors! Style it with middle-parted hair or the deep side partition, it won’t let you down! The asymmetrical bobs were difficult to style and manage for our curly girlies but this shoulder length goes with your wavy hair, straight hair, or the majestic curls!

If you’re daring enough then you go, girl! Chop it off to that jaw length or an Italian bob and we are all up for it! Get your style game strong with their short hair with a desi outfit!

»The Kitty Cut and Layers

Kitty Cut

This summer we are adding life to your hair with lots of layers! Let there be life and volume! The square layers and kitty cut were seen on all runways announcing the comeback of layers in style! Go vogue and ditch that straight look with just a little flair of layers! It will instantly make your hair look fuller and thicker! Imagine your new look with curtain bangs and layers; play with your look and reveal your new personality this summer! The desi Pakistani girls who are keen on long hair can keep their length and yet add an element of style with layers!

»Paint my hair happy!

You are about to get your look transformed this season! Do you know what’s the easiest and quickest way for a change? A fresh hair color! Feel confident in your hair with the trending hair colors that shine in that sun like pearls on the sand! While making a change in hair color please make sure you go for a hair color that compliments your natural skin color! Here are some must-try colors hair strendsfor you this summer of 2024:

◦Melted Caramel Ombre:

Melted Caramel Ombre


Transition into your summer energy with these stunning caramel strands blending through! Such an effortlessly chic and beautiful colour gradient to elevate your look!

◦Burgundy Brown:

Burgundy Brown


While burgundy has our heart; this summer let’s give it a subtle look with a burgundy brown! Oh, how this colour sparkles in the sun and gives you radiant energy!

◦Soft Chestnut:

Soft Chestnut


Softer tones can be your best friend this summer! The hair trends in 2024 have seen a great inclination towards these beautiful shades of brown!

◦Hazelnut Balayage:

Hazelnut Balayage


Hazelnut is forever in style! The seamless warm look of hazelnut never goes wrong!

In short this summer 2024; you can vouch for the subtle blend of colors instead of some strikingly contrasting tones and other hair trends!

Your hair is screaming for a fresh look this season and you know it! Go for that haircut, colour em’ happy, style them, and take care of your hair!

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